“I love creating my art. Now let’s hear from those who love owning my art.”
~ Hermine

There’s something about Hermine’s art that makes me feel cherished. I have several pieces in my dressing room. While tending to skin and hair and what-to-wear, I am enchanted with color, mystery, and wonder. It’s like having a shower of stories that wake me up to a day filled with possibilities.
Jade Brown, MPT


I have two of Hermine’s beautiful pieces ‘Castles’ and ‘One Day at a Time.’
‘Castles’ is for my daughters and it’s in their room at home. It is such a beautiful and ethereal piece. One can just get transported away to a land of princesses and fairies. The colors brighten the room and draw you in to its story. A perfect piece for my precious girls!

‘One Day at a Time’ hangs in my office. This is a personal piece for me. Each square is a story into its own and reminds me quite literally to be present in the day. The intense colors reflect the intensity of life in a way that is just magic.

Jessica O'Connell


“Hermine Harman’s oeuvre is a Postmodern smash-up of brilliant color and texture in an exuberant celebration of life. Her energetic mixed media works sparkle with vitality, reflecting the astonishing light and color of her beloved Maui.”
Betty Ann Brown, Ph.D.

Collector & Professor of Art History, California State University, Northridge

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