Hermine Harman Press Room

Here is some of the media coverage for Hermine Harman Art. If you would like to schedule an interview, with Hermine, please contact us. We love talking about feminist art-making and how color can be a curative.

Hermine Harman – An Interview with Maui’s Own ‘Outsider Artist’

In addition to painting, I love to create and wear outrageous costumes. The costumes came out of my hedonistic Halloween parties and extravagant ensembles I began wearing at Esalen.

Read the article here at Living Better 50.
Download as a PDF.

Chromatic Exhuberance: Hermine Harman’s Brilliant Art

Hermine Harman loves color. This is manifest in the way she paints, in the way she decorates her Maui home, and in the way she dresses (especially when she dons an elaborate costume for a special art event!) Colors explode across her canvases, creating dynamic realms of pigment, texture, and collage.

Download the PDF of Ms. Brown’s full review: Chromatic Exhuberance

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