I am so excited to share my new artist video with you, fabulously filmed by Doug DeBoer, a talented artist himself. It’s an introduction to my art and tells a short version of my journey. I will be following up with some shorter videos talking about my genres and individual pieces! I am having so much fun creating art, creating more artistic attire, and embracing the badge of ‘Outsider Artist!’ I really do love to costume, as this 5-minute video illustrates.

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At 72, I have some thoughts… It’s hard to believe I’m this age because mostly I still feel young inside, but, the wrinkles, the challenges, the changes, all point to gravity and aging taking place. Somehow the 70’s feels like it has sped up and time is more precious! My video was important as a passage for me in really getting out my message of healing grief through creativity.

I am grateful for the support from my family and friends, and my team, as I work hard to continue (and elevate!) my art career. Now that I have embraced the label of ‘Outsider Artist’ I have released my need to fit in, get in, and be accepted by the traditional art establishment. I will continue to do it my way and be as eccentric as I like!

Betty Ann Brown PhD, is a professor, author and art curator. Prior to my Mermaid Extravaganza, she wrote a piece about me and my art:

Hermine’s artwork is bright and playful, with a childlike joy of intense pigment, richly encrusted surfaces, and shining collage elements…Hermine studied psychology, rather than art, and can be considered a “folk” or “outsider” artist like Grandma Moses or Georgia O’Keefe.

It’s funny to finally embrace the ‘label’ of Outsider Artist, as I have felt that I never really fit in to the established art world. I have always been a woman who danced to my own drum beat and took the road less traveled.

Getting into the Enchantress Gallery by Bootzie gave me the confidence to really go for it on all levels.

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