Maui Mermaid Extravaganza - Adult Mermaids

The Maui Mermaid Extravaganza was a raging success! It was incredibly fun and fulfilling to create this event that showcased my recent glitter and mermaid inspiration that took over my studio! So many Maui Mermaids-kids and adults alike, enjoyed it and I loved sharing the Aloha with them.

Our host, The Shops at Wailea, raved that it was “…one of the most well attended event that we have ever had!” I am so proud of our whole team who worked hard on every detail.

One of the most difficult tasks put before me was finding the Mermaid Transportation Crew. As the photos display, I found just the perfect men for the job, providing eye candy for both ladies and men!

The treats and bubbly provided by The Enchantress Gallery by Bootzie were the perfect finish to the event. The star of the after party was definitely The Mermaid Cake, created by pastry chef Teresa Shurilla.

I would like to share with you today, a bit of the monologue that I created especially for the event.

The Mermine Monologue

Maui Mermaid Extravaganza

Hermine Harman, the Mermine Crone

Hermine Harman, the Mermine HostessI AM Mermine, the Mermaid Crone! Now, a Crone is not necessarily a hunched back witch as many think, but a crone in the old dictionary says wise, elder and sorcerer-And, this, I am! I am the stirrer of pots…I stir my creativity in the studio, in the kitchen and I stir up events. I love stirring people together for FUN and to take action for important social change!

And, since mermaids come in all sizes and shapes, colors and ages, I am representing the elder mermaids. Even mermaids get old!

Why are mermaids so special? We Embody: Independence…Femininity…Power…Sensuality…Beauty…Wildness…Love…Allure…Mystery…Elusiveness

Mermaids are part of a giant Tsunami of Divine Feminism rising up on the planet. We are the embodiment of Woman and Animal and we are here to protect our environment. Nature and nurture form the core of our being. We are rising to return the planet to balance after centuries of patriarchy and greed.

We have been called to restore the Divine Feminine and care for our oceans, our forest, our land, and the air we breathe. We seek to teach the planet how to love our mother Earth! Mermaids are leaders in this Divine Feminine uprising, to overthrow the tyranny of death and destruction that is happening to our planet. We join the ever-increasing numbers who love and care for our natural environment and we must hear the calling and we all must act.

Mermaids are powerful, symbolic beings who can help heal our wounded world.

It’s time for us to create the momentum that will turn the tides of destruction into re-creation. We must join forces with all who want to restore the balance of nature and build and create a healthier planet: the air, the oceans and the land.

Who wants to join me in the Mermaid Pledge together?

‘I pledge to do what I can to save our mother, the earth, the seas, and the air. And I further commit to live creatively and have more fun! I am committed!’

I have some exciting things happening in the studio as I get inspiration to make some abstract pieces! Stay tuned for my next blog, in which I will discuss it in detail! Meanwhile, please enjoy a few photos from the Maui Mermaid Extravaganza!

Maui Mermaid Extravaganza

Keiki Mermaids

Maui Mermaid Extravaganza

Keiki Mermaid

Maui Mermaid Extravaganza

Custom mermaid cupcakes

Maui Mermaid Extravaganza

Mermaid Carriers

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