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We are finally catching our breath after the whirlwind that was Maui Open Studios this year. Cara and I were thrilled to have so many people come to my home art studio a few weekends ago. Of course, the Wailea weather was beautiful and we loved meeting so many new people — including a few neighbors! It’s easy to be online ‘all the time’ so having this open studio in real life was so much fun. Those of you who know me, know I love to entertain…so this was a highlight of my February!

I’ve attached photos here of some of the new art collectors and am thrilled to share that more sales have happened since the event. We artists love making the art — and — we love that our art also brings joy and in my case, color, into other people’s homes.

A Recurring Tale

door with mermaid painting by hermine harmanThis happens often when people visit my home: they want to buy things that are part of my decor! One couple who visited wanted to buy my hand-painted toilet seat (that I brought back from Bali!), the bathroom door with a mermaid painting on it (by moi), and if he could, just scoop up the sculptures and plants in the garden!

My home literally has art on all its walls — many of which I have painted myself. Likewise, my garden is a rich and colorful extravaganza of colorful tropical plants and sculptures. It’s one of the reasons I love having studio visits as my home is part museum, art studio, and color-enriched residence.

One more fun story from the Maui Open Studios event: A young man stopped by and so loved my work he insisted his landlord come see it. The landlord was busy in his own garden, but hey, this is Maui! So he dropped his tools and came by in his gardening attire and loved seeing the work.

See My Work at the Gottling Gallery in Palm Springs

photo of the outside of gottling gallery in palm springsWhile all this prep was taking place for Maui Open Studios, I was also invited to exhibit my work in Palm Springs, CA at the Gottling Gallery! Karl owned a gallery and design firm here on Maui and has moved to Palm Springs. He is showing my abstract paintings. Please stop in if you are in the area! Many thanks to you, Karl, for being so enthusiastic about my work. We believe you’ll be so successful in Palm Springs. ❤️

388 N Palm Canyon Dr.
Palm Springs, CA 92262

Love to My New Art Collectors!

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