Maui Open Studios banner with the painting, a face in the crowd, by hermine harman

Maui Open Studios is celebrating their 10th year! We’re happy to be joining for 2020 and hope you will make a plan to visit us in the studio. The past year has been one of so much growth and change in my art. We’ve had shows at Enchantress Gallery in Wailea, shows in LA, and a deep dive into abstract painting! Abstraction has provided me ways to express the deep feelings I have for color, texture, and shape, that I initially used for my mermaids, my color bursts, and more recently my series of Icons including Jane Fonda, Bette Midler, Ellen DeGeneres, and Oprah.

My Maui Open Studios 2020 Event Details

I’m looking forward to your visit! Not only is my home and studio memorable (you have to see it to believe it!) I have some new work to show you. My turn into abstraction last year has opened up so much! And an indirect result of that, means I will be offering some of my earlier work (mermaids, color bursts, landscapes, etc) at special prices. Plus, I think it’s a key part of a studio visit to see the progression an artist has made over the years. Perhaps you are starting an art collection for a child or grandchild; there will be some fun pieces to take home.

Date: Saturday & Sunday, February 8th & 9th
Time: 11 am – 6 pm
Serving: Gluten-free snacks and non-alcoholic refreshments

Secrets for Your Maui Open Studios 2020 Visit

  • photo of hermine harman, maui artist, sitting in her wailea, Maui studioMeet the artist in her special place. Many artists are quite private and depend on the solitude in the studio to make their art. Doing a studio visit during Maui Open Studios is a special event! It helps me, the artist, get organized and make things for you to see and collect. I love talking to collectors as well as those who are simply “art curious.” You are getting the best chance all year long to see my home and studio all dressed up for you. I suggest you allow at least 30 minutes to spend at location #7 (that’s mine!) as my home and studio are often described as a residential museum in the midst of a heavenly tropical garden. You’ll see that I bring the rich and luscious colors of my environment into my paintings.
  • Build your Art Confidence. With my background in sociology, I understand many people question their art likes and dislikes. In the back of the mind, the monkey is deliberating: “Is this good art or bad art?” Well, good art is the art you like! If there were one wish I had for people doing studio visits, it is to trust your instincts. Art is one of the most diverse activities! I’m here to talk to you about the art I make, the stories behind it, and help you understand your own taste. If you’re used to visiting a stark white gallery to barely a nod, well, this will be quite a contrast! My helpers and I are delighted to talk to you.
  • If you can, attend the opening night preview reception on February 1st. Most of the artists who are doing Maui Open Studios 2020 will be there with a small selection of their artwork. You can pick up the guidebook, meet the artists, and have almost a week to plan your next three weekends doing studio visits. There will also be live music, complimentary wine, and food trucks!
    Opening Reception – Maui Open Studios 2020
    Saturday, Feb 1st; 5 pm – 8 pm
    UH Maui College: Pa‘ina Culinary Arts Bldg
    Google Map Link
  • Come early! I will be offering a free print (8×12) of one of my artworks on Saturday and Sunday. I plan to draw the winner’s name at 5 pm each day.
  • Lastly, Nick Wilton, of Art2Life renown, recently made a featured video featuring me and my art stories. You can watch it here on my website this was a huge honor for me and I love sharing it .

Thank you for reading! I hope to see you on February 8th and 9th here in beautiful Maui.

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