When I heard Oprah’s speech receiving the Cecil. B. DeMille award at 2018 The Golden Globes, I was so moved that I felt inspired to paint her in my style. She has helped so many, educated and raised the consciousness of so many people all over the world. I had completed a collaboration with my gallery owner, Uncle Al (Albert Einstein) in a much larger format than I had been used to and it sold in three weeks.

After completing Oprah, I had to do my Bette Midler as she first inspired me in so many ways. Bette showed me a female comedian, performance art and introduced me to mermaids (later to become my largest series).

From Bette I moved to Jane Fonda, a model of beauty, power, aging, and maintaining her truth and sharing with the world her views, popular or not, right or wrong. And having been on several Board of Directors for Abused Women, and having been a battered mother, Tina Turner was my next icon as she brought this dominant theme in history to the forefront and helped to change laws in this country.

My last icon in Series #1 is Ellen DeGeneres, American comedian and host of a daytime show that reaches the world. She gives away so much to people in need, led the way for LGBTQ to come out, against all odds, and after being kicked off her show, returned triumphantly to hosting her own show and became a constant winner of best Daytime show and continues to spread love, humanity and goodwill to the world.

My list of Women Icons is great. I will be beginning Series 2 with Frida Kahlo.

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