Mermangel 3 by Hermine Harman

Exciting News!

The Bootzie Gallery is moving to the Shops at Wailea and has a new name: Enchantress Gallery. I’ve been busily working on the upcoming Mermaid Show they are planning. I have been inspired to expand and explore new and different mermaids. I have been having so much fun adding more beads and glitter and feathers and texture. An old Hawaiian Kupuna once told me that mermaids are my ‘Aumakua (the Hawaiian term for ‘spirit animal’).

Mermaids have been part of my repertoire since I moved to Maui 22 years ago. I feel really happy when I finish a mermaid and I enjoy adding all the accoutrements to make her a fun and fancy and glittery girl.

At the mermaid show (sometime in the next few months) I will hold a costume contest for the best mermaid costume. Adults and children are encouraged to let their inner mermaid shine!

I enjoy using the three principals that influence my art: color, texture and shape. To me, the interplay and relationship of these principals is the foundation of the joy of my art.

Please enjoy the newest pieces that have been added to the website, with more to come!

Stay tuned for information on the Enchantress Gallery Mermaid show!

UPDATE April 6, 2017:
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