Hermine Harman Artist Statement

I am a “feminist surrealist fantasy” artist. Many people ask what this actually means. I respond that my artwork is my imagination taking form in color and texture. Most of my art extends from the inside out, from an emotional or thought-provoking place. I rarely paint what I actually see, as that seems too much like a left-brain activity! Instead, I generally tend to use an improvisational expressive process: I enjoy the spontaneous interaction of feelings, pigment, and paper. I love vibrancy, texture, and color, and use many materials to bring joy to the work–from glitter to beads, feathers to paper collage. Several years ago, I took a workshop where I learned a new process of glazing art using a product called ‘Art Resin’. Initially, I was inspired to make small, three-dimensional, glazed pieces, which I am excited to share here on my website. As I perfected the technique I moved on to larger pieces-even revisiting some of my earlier work. I have explored many themes and mediums throughout the decades. I have recently been inspired by my female icons and will soon be completing my 4th piece in the “Icons” series. They will be featured in an upcoming blog, so check back soon!

Cirque Hermine by Hermine Harman
Hermine Harman, Color Burst 010


My work can be seen at the Enchantress Gallery by Bootzie in The Shops at Wailea.
3750 Wailea Alanui Dr
Wailea, HI, 96753

As well as private collections in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho and New York.

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Studio visits are available by appointment.

Artwork: Color Burst: Passion’s Smile

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