A Face in the Crowd, abstract painting by Hermine Harman, Maui artist
After encouragement from a few of my artist friends, I signed up for Art2Life Spring 2019 course. I never thought that a three-month course would engross me as completely as it did but I found myself loving every minute of learning, growing, experimenting, and creating!

I no longer find myself reaching for the glitter and instead I see new and different ways to achieve texture in my art with everything I do. I loved the course so much that I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to learn from my most recent art guru, Nicholas Wilton when he hosted a week-long immersive retreat in my home state of Hawaii, on the beautiful island of Molokai.

Heremine Harman at her exhibit, Welcome to my Abstract WorldAll of this learning creative expansion in my work led to a show at Enchantress Gallery by Bootzie here in Wailea, Maui, Hawaii. I called it “Welcome to My Abstract World.”

Please visit my YouTube page to see the talk I gave during the opening of the exhibit.

Art2Life Case Study by Nicholas Wilton:

Here is a video created as a case study for my work with Nicholas Wilton and his inspiring Art2Life workshops. These abstract art paintings are for sale; please contact me if you are interested.

Scroll down past the video to read the lovely message that Nicholas wrote in his newsletter to introduce this video case study for his program for artists.

Message from Nicholas Wilton:

Difficulty is actually
a catalyst for creativity.
Often, the most brilliant of
creations come from the
darkest of places.

Hermine Harmon entered
such a place the day she
lost her only son.

For years, the grief, sadness
and despair eclipsed all else.
But in this darkness something
else was growing. Something
more hopeful, brighter and resilient.
It was her art.

Hermine’s art was born out
of the necessity to express
and heal the sadness of her loss.
But it didn’t stop there.
Her art ultimately,
became her life.

Like her art, this new life
was filled with color, joy
and overflowing gratitude.

Hermine found healing in her art,
but she realized something else too.
Something most beautiful and true.
She discovered that light is far,
far stronger than darkness.

And this simple fact,
in no small way,
heals us too.

~ Nicholas Wilton

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